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Always On Repls:

So always on Repls are here

"Whats the big deal?" you may be asking, well let me tell you what the big deal is.

Pro #1: Before always on repls, you would have to make some sort of server in your repl and then ping that server with a service like uptimerobot, apex ping, or even mat's pinger. while there is nothing wrong with this method, always on repls make this process 100x easier, all you have to do is go to rename your repl and hit the "this repl is always on" switch at the bottom of the gui that pops up

Pro #2: while I havent personally confirmed this, but I think it is safe to say always on repls are going to be more reliable than a pinger and webserver.

Con #1: Always on repls are a bit buggy. I have heard multiple reports of friends always on repls shutting off randomly or just not working correctly to begin with. allthough I personally have not had problems with it, this is a new feature and of course new stuff is almost never perfect on the first try. if you are experiencing problems with always on repls make sure to report it to bugs and just hope the devs fix it soon.

Con #2: It costs money. It is hard to say this but, one of the main reasons I dont like Always On Repls is because of the 5$ a month hacker subscription plan that you have to be subscribed to to use this feature, while it is super helpful, a question you really have to ask is whether or not you will use it often because if you're like me and you dont have a lot to host, you would probably be better off just using a webserver and uptime robot, or just investing in a raspberry pi or similar device to constantly run your code off of.

Conclusion: Is hacker worth 5$ a month? In my opinion, not really, because if you're like me you really dont have a point to use it. but if you like having private repls or if you use hosting all the time, I would probably reccomend it. I have a free trial of hacker right now and while i have a few private repls I dont find myself using hacker as much as I probably should. Are Always On Repls a big deal? In my opinion, no, because while it is really convinent, you are probably better off opting to use uptimerobot,a raspberry pi, or old device to host your code.